Saturday, March 12, 2011

Help Your Hips!

A sore hip makes everything more difficult -- from sleeping to walking up stairs. But you could keep those hips of yours feeling fine if you're a lover of garlic and onions.

About 15 percent of older adults regularly deal with hip pain. But in a recent study of women, those who tended to eat lots of produce -- particularly herbs from the allium family, such as onions and garlic -- showed fewer signs of hip osteoarthritis in x-ray tests.

Arthritis-Fighting Allium
The study analyzed the diets of a large group of middle-aged adult twins, most of whom did not have symptoms of arthritis when the study started. Eating lots of allium herbs correlated with less arthritis in the hip. And in a separate lab analysis, researchers also found that diallyl disulphide -- a substance found in the allium family -- appeared to help inhibit enzymes that can cause damage to joint-protective cartilage.

from "Real Age"

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