Thursday, January 31, 2013

How Much Activity?

Researchers at the University of Bristol measured the activity of 5,500 twelve year olds and found that just 15 minutes of daily moderate physical activity reduced the likelihood of being obese by up to 50%.

Take Care of Your Feet!

Take care of your feet by wearing properly fitting shoes. It is best to shop for shoes late in the day, when your feet may be slightly swollen; this way you avoid buying shoes that are too small.

Prevent Ankle Injuries!

Prevent spraining or straining your ankles, by purchasing shoes that have a supportive back portion which curves around your heel.

Control Pests Naturally!

Control pests naturally by planting a pest-repellent herb garden. Plants such as lemon basil, rosemary, wormwood, catnip, marigolds, lavender, mint, thyme and sage are good pest-repellents.

Drink Your Water!

Drink at least 8 glasses of pure water daily, preferably between meals. Limit water intake with meals to 4 to 6 ounces to prevent dilution of stomach acid.
Distilled water is the purest kind.  Email me for more info

In Order to Reach Your Goal, You Must Be Clear About What That Goal Is!

Set specific health and wellness goals. The clearer you are on your goal, the easier it will be to take steps to reach it.

Are You Aging Too Fast? Check This Out!

Research shows 70% of premature aging is not the result of genetics, but of the lifestyle choices you make.

Bok Choy is a Good Source of Calcium, Manganese & other Nutrients

Bok Choy is a cruciferous vegetable. It is a good source of calcium, manganese, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, folate and carotenoids such as beta-carotene.

Check Your Chimney! Avoid Creosote Fires

If you have a chimney, have it inspected annually and cleaned as needed to prevent buildup of creosote, which can lead to chimney fires.

Get Some Exercise!

According to Tommy Thompson, former Secretary of Health and Human Services, regular physical activity, fitness and exercise are critically important for the health and well-being of people of all ages.

Great Exercise!

Work your core, quadriceps, hamstrings, outer thighs and shoulders with a wall sit and shoulder press. With a dumbbell in each hand, stand against a wall. Walk your feet out and lower your buttocks until you look as though you are sitting in a chair. Extend your arms upward until they are fully extended, then lower and repeat for 15 to 20 repetitions.

Reduce the Chance of Childhood Obesity!

Reduce risk for childhood obesity by limiting the time kids watch television and play video games and increase the amount of time kids are engaged in physical activity.

What's the Most Transformational Force of All?

"Simple kindness to one's self and all that lives is the most powerful transformational force of all." Dr. David Hawkins

Don't Grill Indoors! Even if it's Cold Outside!

Keep yourself healthy and safe while grilling by only using a charcoal grill outdoors. If you use a gas grill, check all lines and tubes for leaks before using and do not use if any leaks are detected.

Select the Best Berries

To select berries at your local grocery store or fruit stand, look for containers without stains, moisture or mold. Check that berries are firm, plump and dry.

Sing to Reduce Stress!

Singing is a great stress reliever. Singing helps you to breathe deeply, relax your back, shoulders, chest, and neck muscles and express yourself.

Laugh! Laugh! Laugh!

Reduce stress by going to a comedy club or watching a funny movie. Laughter reduces stress hormones and increases endorphins leading to a sense of well-being.

Replace Your Mattress!

If your mattress is more than 8 years old and sags, be sure to replace it in order to ensure a good night's sleep.

Artichokes are Good For You? YUM!

Artichokes are an excellent source of vitamin C, fiber, folate, vitamin K and a good source of magnesium, potassium, manganese, phosphorus and copper.

Check Your Stats....They Are Important!

Consider having your blood pressure, blood glucose, cholesterol level, maximum aerobic capacity, breathing capacity, bone mineral density measured to get a picture of how well you are aging.

Are You a Couch Potato? See What Plato Says

"Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodological physical exercise save it and preserve it." Plato

Heart Disease is the Number One Killer in the U.S.

Heart disease is the number one killer in the U.S. Approximately 1 in 3 adults have some form of heart disease.

Keep Your Mind Challenged As You Age!

Keep your mind challenged by playing games that require mental reasoning, such as pinochle, bridge, chess or checkers. Mix up the games you play to keep them fresh and engaging.

Risk Factors for Osteoporosis?

Risk factors for osteoporosis include increased age, female, early menopause, heredity factors, small frame, overactive thyroid and smoking.

Have You Been Screened?

Women should be screened for osteoporosis with a bone density scan at menopause and at least once more at 65. Men should be tested at least once between 65 and 70.

How to Be Sure You Are Eating Enough Vegetables?

Ensure you are eating plenty of vegetables, by eating your vegetables first before you eat anything else at every meal. could eat only vegetables, like me! :)

Protect Your Ears!

Protect your ears when exposed to moderate to loud noises by wearing ear plugs or ear muffs. Make sure they fit properly to prevent hearing loss.

Want to Change your Habits to Create a Healthier Lifestyle?

If you want to change your habits and create a healthier lifestyle, your full commitment and focus is essential for success.

For Best Results Have an Accountability Partner(s)

When you are ready to make healthy lifestyle changes enlist the help of friends, family members and coworkers to support you and hold you accountable for accomplishing your goals.

What IS Interval Training?

Interval training is when you alternate short bursts of high intensity activity with lower intensity activity.

Interval Training?

Interval training has been shown to improve endurance, increase the number of calories burned, lower LDL (bad) cholesterol, raise HDL (good) cholesterol and it adds variety and reduces boredom with exercise.

Stay Focused on Your Goals by Posting Motivational Messages!

Stay focused on what you want to accomplish by posting motivational messages where you will see them to help you stay on track.

Can Certain Fats be Healthy?

Healthy fats include oily, cold-water fish (high in Omega 3) and monounsaturated fat from plant based foods such as olives, extra virgin olive oil, avocado and nuts.

How To Naturally Deodorize a Room?

Naturally deodorize a room while vacuuming by adding a few drops of eucalyptus and lemon essential oils to your vacuum bag.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Happy? Enjoy Longer Life!

Research shows that happiness is linked to social networks. People with satisfying marriages, good friends and who participate in religious or community organizations are generally happier and more satisfied and enjoy better health and longer lives.

Monday, January 28, 2013

How We Eat Determies How We Age!

"I believe that how we eat is an important determinant of how we feel and how we age." Dr. Andrew Weil

Got Healthy Fats?

Healthy fats are essential for optimal cellular function and hormone balance; they promote satiety and increase HDL (good cholesterol) levels.

Holding Onto Negative Feelings?

Holding on to negative feelings about others can lead to stress, low energy, depression and other negative emotions. Learn to forgive so that you can release those negative emotions.

What Foods Have Antioxidants?

Generally foods with the most color and flavor have the highest antioxidant levels.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Got Antioxidants? Live Longer!

According to Dr. Richard Cutler, the amount of antioxidants that you maintain in your body is directly proportional to how long you will live.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Relaxing Bath?

Create a relaxing bath soak by combining 2 cups baking soda, 1 cup Epsom salt, 2 T ground ginger and 10 drops orange essential oil in a mason jar. To use, run a warm bath and scoop the desired amount into water.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Money Won't Buy Health!

"You cannot buy your health; you must earn it through healthy living." Joel Furhman, MD

Monday, January 21, 2013

Do You Consume Too Much Sugar?

Are you consuming too much sugar? If so, you may experience weight gain, feel apathetic and unmotivated, have difficulty concentrating, feel confused and have low energy in the morning.

Do You Find Yourself Craving Food Between Meals?

If you are trying to lose weight, but find yourself craving food between meals, distract yourself by calling a friend, running an errand, exercising, organizing so that you focus on something else until the craving subsides.

Add Interval Training to Your Walking Program!

To add interval training to your walking program, start walking to warm up for about 5 minutes, then jog or run for a few minutes and switch back to walking

Do You Have Digestive Problems?

Five foods most often linked to digestive problems are sugar, salt, meat, wheat and refined foods.

Just Keep Taking Baby Steps!

Increase your chance for success with new healthy habits by changing 1 or 2 things at a time. Small changes will lead to big success over time.

Benefits os Wild Salmon

Wild salmon is packed with nutrition. It is an excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acids. It is a high quality protein. It contains essential amino acids, vitamin A, D, B6, B and E and it's a good source of calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, and phosphorus

Healthy Salmon Marinade

Create a healthy marinade for salmon by combining 1 T sesame oil, 1 T reduced sodium soy sauce, 1 T fresh minced ginger, 1 T rice wine vinegar; pour over 4 four-ounce salmon filets; marinade for one hour and grill.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Are You Healthy?

According to the 100% Health Survey, you are nearly twice as likely to be in optimal health if you exercise frequently.

Monday, January 7, 2013

What's Your Vehicle?

"Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success." Stephen A. Brennan

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Change Your Lifestyle, Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease!

Living a healthy balanced lifestyle will significantly reduce your risk for developing heart disease.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Risk Factors for Heart Disease?

Risk factors for heart disease are elevated cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, smoking, lack of physical activity and personal and family history of heart disease.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Be Aware of Your Body's Symptoms!

According to the Mayo Clinic symptoms of a heart attack can sometimes be subtle, especially in women. If you aren't sure what is going on, but you feel different or have troublesome symptoms, get yourself checked out. Delaying can be deadly.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Back Exercises Which Also Strengthen the Glutes

Strengthen your glutes with the hip raise. Lie face up with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Brace your core, squeeze your glutes, and raise your hips so your body forms a straight line from your shoulders to your knees. Hold for 5 seconds, squeezing your glutes the entire time, then lower back to start. Repeat 10 times.