Monday, September 19, 2011

Bill Clinton ---a Vegan!

Ending a few months of speculation and uncertainty, former president Bill Clinton announced that he’s a vegan on CNN. This is a story of transformation and turnaround if there ever was one. When he first began his presidency, Bill was known for his love of beef steaks, chicken enchiladas, and the somewhat less presidential McDonald’s hamburger. Word is he wasn’t picky and would go after most meat items often with a certain amount of enthusiasm. In short, he loved meat. The problem is these foods didn’t love him back.

In 2004, less than four years after leaving office, the 58-year-old Clinton felt what he described as a tightness in his chest as he returned home from New Orleans, where he was promoting his memoir, “My Life.” Days later, he underwent quadruple bypass surgery to restore blood flow to his heart. “I was lucky I did not die of a heart attack” Clinton said.

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