Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What Your Walking Speed Says ABout Your Expiration Date!

Stephanie Studenski, MD, in a study at the Univeristy of Pittsburge says that her study on ambulation amoung the elderly showed tha the faster someone 65 years or older covered a short distance,the longer s/he could expect to live. "The difference wa so dramatic," said columnist Derrick Z. Jackson in the Boston Glove, "that the change of livning another 10 years for 75 year old men, depending on their gait speed, ranged from a ow on in five chance to a nearly guaranteed nin in ten. For 75 year old women, chances ranged from one in three to nin in ten"
But, you can't cheat by consciously trying to walk faster because speed is just a marker.
Tips: take smaller, faster steps, not longer ones. Swing your arms faster (but don't go crazy-keep them close to your side), and breathe naturally. Whether you choose to chew cum at the sam time is up to you!

From Reader's Digest - Health DIgest column 3/11

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