Monday, August 9, 2010

Seven Ways to Turn Bad Eating Habits Around

from Taste of Health-January 2010)
1. Recognize: Name and admit your habit so you can change it
2. Reassess: Set new goals for yourself, focusing on what you want, not the opposite.
3. Refuse: “A clean break is more effective than a gradual one,” says nutritionist Amy Lanou, PhD, who adds that three to four weeks ought to do it.
4. Replace: “Swap the bad habit for something pleasurable, such as a handful of raspberries or a walk,” she continues.
5. Reinforce: Hang notes to remind yourself of your goal and seek support.
6. Record: Monitor your progress so you can improve it.
7. Reward: Praise yourself for mini-successes and when you reach your goal.

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