Saturday, August 20, 2011

Alzheimer's Prevention?

Ken Babal, C.N.
Alzheimer's is a condition in whic brain cells degenerate and die. Lion's Mane is one of the edible mushrooms widely eaten in japan and China. Japanesse studies show that Lion's Mane is able to regenerate neurons by stimulating production of Nerve Growth Factor.
NGF belongs to a family of proteins that play a part in maintenance, survival and regeneration of neurons during adult life. In mice, its absence leads to a condition resembling Alzheimer's.
A class of compounds called hericenones in Lion's Mane has been shown to stimulate production of NGF, casuing neurons to regrow. These compounds offer great potentail for repairing neurological damage, improving intelligence and reflexes and, even more significant, preventing and treating AD.
Also, a fat soluble fraction isolated from Lion's Mane, called amyloban, was found to protect against neuronal cell death caused by toxic beta amyloid peptide. Beta amyloid peptide is the main component of plaque that develops in the brain of AD patients, causing destruction of neurons as it progresses.

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