Monday, March 10, 2008

Ask Dr. Ellouise Column #1 3-9-08

Why is it important to help my child be healthier?
Studies show that because of their poor health, this is the first generation of children who may not outlive their parents. That fact alone should bring us all to an about face on the lifestyle’s of our youngsters.

What elements are included in a healthy lifestyle?
Certainly, the quality of the food consumed is a huge issue. Subsisting on fast food is not a healthy idea.

Another element to a healthy lifestyle involves exercise. Studies have shown that cross lateral activity (like walking) is beneficial not only for our weight management but also for such issues as healthy vessels and hearts, flexibility and ADHD.

Another element is the human’s need for a support group and emotional stability. In times past, the support group and emotional stability was provide by the extended family. That’s lacking in many families today.

Another element is clean, pure water. Unfortunately, many cities have public water supplies which aren’t necessarily healthy.

So, what can I do about these issues?

Let’s start with the easiest one: water. It’s fairly simple and not too expensive to add a water filter to your sink so that you and your child are drinking filtered water. A solid carbon filter does the best job of filtering at the least expensive price.

It’s even a good idea to rinse your vegetables and fruits with that filtered water, use it for reconstituting juices or soups and for making your tea or other drinks.

The next element could be to add some cross lateral exercise (like walking, running, or skating) to your life and your child’s life. In order to find the time for that, could you turn off the TV or handheld games for a period of time each day?

If you then gradually lengthened the time they are turned off , you and your child would have more time to do the cross lateral activities. Maybe you would eventually get to the point that these activities and the emotional connection with each other were so much more fun that the TV or hand held games would just stay off! Oops, blasphemy has occurred!

The last element for this column is the quality of food your child consumes. That leads us to the next heading in this particular column.

What should I eliminate for my child to be healthier?
Eliminating processed food would be one of the most healthy choices you could ever make. And, if the TV has been turned off for a while (remember those 13,000 food ads mentioned in the last newsletter?) your child might be more willing to try something healthier.

Eating foods that are as close to nature as possible like fresh fruits and vegetables will benefit you and your child in ways almost unimaginable.

How can I accomplish this without a rebellion?
Whoops! We’re out of space and will need to continue this next month.

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