Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New Children's Book - The Great Escape

This looks like a fun book for children. Here's a review from www.vegsource.com:

International animal-smuggling, illicit computer-hacking, break-neck chases and a fast-talking cat. Just your ordinary school holidays...
Adam Stower.

It's the summer holidays and Millie's bored stiff. Every week, she has to clean windows with her dad at a nearby laboratory. But she's sure something weird's going on inside...

Then one day, a cat comes hurtling through the lobby towards her... and asks her for help. And Max needs a lot of help. He's trying to escape, he wants to know who kidnapped him and why - who on earth would want to make cats that can talk? And he needs Millie to help him rescue the friends he's left behind, before it's too late...

"A first-rate read on all levels, not just for children, but adults too, and a salutary warning to cats everywhere to mind their Ps and Qs."
- Michael Bond

"Funny, fresh and feline - this is a strange, sinister, shimmering story which will appeal to cats of all ages."
- Julie Burchill
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