Sunday, March 9, 2008

Health Coaching

Health Coaching
Health Coaching is an off-shoot of Life Coaching targeted specifically at improving all aspects of health and fitness using the proven techniques and strategies that make Life Coaching one of the newest, fastest growing, and most effective self-development and performance enhancing techniques available.

Health Coaching is relevant to anyone wishing to improve their own health but is particularly pertinent to employees and organizations who want to reduce the amount of time and money lost through ill health. In the USA organizations that have invested in health coaching have seen a Return On Investment of between 2.5 and 7.5.

A recent study at Yale University has shown that "Health Coaching is a highly effective and superior strategy in reducing total cholesterol, and other coronary risk factors such as blood pressure, compared to patients who were prescribed medication but not coached."

Further research has shown that "Wellness coaching is significantly more effective than personal training or dietician consultation in delivering sustainable behavior change. (Principles of behavioral Psychology in Wellness Coaching, Margaret Moore, Wellcoaches Corporation, November 2004).

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