Saturday, November 22, 2008

Your Child Can't Sit Still?

This information is taken from a Good Housekeeping article, Sept 20008

"If your child just can't sit still, the cuplprit may be in your pantry. Although many factors play into hyperactivity, a British study recently showed a link between artifical food coloring and children's behaivor.

Kids under 10 displayed a significant increas in hyperactivity after sonsuming common food additives like FDA approved Red Dye

So, check the labels on the foods you buy to be sure there are no food additives!

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Jane said...

Thank you for such good information. The non-profit Feingold Association researches brand name foods to identify those that are free of the worst of the additives. Then they publish books listing thousands of foods of all types that are acceptable. See for more information.