Friday, January 21, 2011

Soft Drinks May Lead to Gout - Fructose is the Culprit!

The incidence of gout appears to be increasing among women (gout has traditionally affected more men than women). New data points to fructose in sweetened beverages as a potential culprit. Gout isn't just painful--it can cripple joints and may b an independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Gout develops as a result of uric acid in the blood tha precipitates into crystals that lodge in joints, causing pain. In men, gout has been linked to the consumption of fructose--a sugar used to sweeten sodas, juices and many other foods. Fructose, it appears, triggers production of uric acid in the body. Based on data from the large Nurses' Health Study, researcher have now extended the warning about fructose to women. they say that even one sweetened soda or juice a drink a day increase a woman's risk of developing gout.

Sources: Fructose Poses Gout Risks Even in Women by Janet Raloff, 11/10/10
Fructose Rich Beverages adn Risk of Gout in Women by Hyon K. Choi et al JAMA 11/10

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