Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sugar More Addictive Than Cocaine!

Sugar Found to be More Addictive than Cocaine Posted Aug 27th 2007 by Marisa McClellan
We've known for years that sugar isn't good for us. It promotes tooth decay, provides quick highs and lows and offers nothing but empty, nutritionless calories that pack on the pounds. However, it appears that it is even worse than we previously thought. Researchers recently determined that refined sugar is actually more addictive than cocaine. In a recent study rats were given a choice between sugar water and cocaine, and 94% them chose sugar. Even the rats that had previously been addicted to cocaine switched to the sugar once it was a choice. No wonder it's so hard to give up that 3pm pack of M&M's, it's more addictive than illegal drugs.

So why would we give children lots of it for Halloween. I am passionate about reducing sugar and artificial sugar consumption in this world…will you join me?

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