Sunday, April 29, 2012

Flaxseed-Protection Against Cancer, Heart Disease and More

Flaxseed has been known for its benefits for thousands of years.  In this Dec 2008 article (from Life Extension), it also speaks of its benefits for preventing cancer and heart disease.  "Omega 3 fatty acids have proven their mettle as preventive therapy against cardiovascular disease.  Among the plant foods that offer omega-3's, flaxseed stands far above the rest.  Analyses have shown that while canola and corn oil contain approximately 10% and 1% omega-3's, in th eform of alpha-linolenic acid."

"The value of omega-3's has emerged repeatedly from large population studies that normally consume large amounts of these heart-healthy oils.  Scientific support for flaxseed is also abundant from dietary-modification studies which have shown the benefits of omega-3-rich seeds in decreasing risk factors for cardiovascular disease."

"Scientistws have estimated that a remarkable 30-40% of all cancers could be prevented through dietary and lifestyle strategies alone.  Flxseed may play an important role in a cancer-preventive diet.  Intake of flaxseed, especially its lignan fraction, and abundant portions of fruits and vegetables will lower cancer risk," notes one research preview. 

the phytoestrogens so richly present in flaxseed--known as lignans--have proven, in numerous studies, to have great value in blocking hormone-dependent cancers, including breast and prostate cancer."

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